Connecting cutting edge companies with key creative talent

Royal Braun believes in recruitment beyond the job title – helping companies strategize market trends and opportunities, and cross-casting creative talent in an increasingly kaleidoscopic world.

As content creation becomes more valuable, so the traditional divisions between entertainment, advertising, brand marketing, and digital publishing have blurred.

Cutting-edge companies need to make strategic, senior, long-term hires that can navigate the shifting tides of technology, user behavior, and brand evolution.

Talented creatives want to forge career paths that best reward their skills – regardless of conventional job descriptions.

With over a decade of experience, Royal Braun understands both sides of this new recruitment equation, and strives to find the most effective, timely, and imaginative matches.


RB + Companies

Royal Braun spans the spectrum of content creation – sourcing and placing key creative talent, and helping companies strategize in a rapidly-evolving recruitment environment.

RB + Creatives

By recognizing the passions and motivations of creative talent, Royal Braun finds elegant, timely, and often unexpected career opportunities across traditional industry verticals.

At the heart of Royal Braun’s genesis and character is a rejection of automated, “algorithmic” talent search, in favor of “old school” human relationships, which are especially significant in the creative industries.

Royal Braun was launched in 2014 by Ben Duhl who, throughout his career, has straddled creative production and talent scouting. While studying at Oxford University, he co-founded a theater company; back in the States, he founded the digital-video division at HKM; and, prior to Royal Braun, he was instrumental in growing The IdeaLists – an online marketplace that connected brands and agencies with creative talent.

Royal Braun is based in L.A., though Ben travels regularly to meet prospective talent on the East Coast.

Royal Braun’s main office is on the Sunset Strip

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