Connecting cutting edge companies with key creative talent

As creativty becomes the defining asset of marketing sucess, so brands at every scale are hunting for the finest talent.

Cutting edge companies - disruptors and the disrupted - need urgently to make strategic hires to navigate the shifting tides of technology, user behavior, and brand evolution.

Talented marketing creatives seek to forge careers that best reward their skills - regardless of conventional job descriptions.

Royal Braun understands both sides of this rapidly evolving recruitment equation - thinking 'outside the job title' to locate and place the finest talent at every point of the marketing arc.

Royal Braun is a retained search firm with over a decade's experience in every aspect of marketing recuitment.


RB + Brands

We work with exceptional companies at every scale, creating long-term, strategic partnerships that transcend placement:

  • Sourcing and placing key talent
  • Strategizing org structures and salaries

  • RB + Talent

    By recognizing the passions and motivations of marketing talent, we find elegent, timely, and often unexpected career opportunites across traditional industry verticals.



    A producer by trade, Ben launched Royal Braun in 2014. Throughout his career, he has straddled creative production and talent scouting. While studying at Oxford University, he co-founded a theater company; back in the States, he founded the digital-video division at HKM; and, prior to Royal Braun, he was instrumental in growing The IdeaLists — an online marketplace that connected brands and agencies with creative talent. Royal Braun is based in L.A., where Ben spends time cycling the paved and fire roads throughout Southern California.



    A merchant by trade, Adele has more than a decade in the retail space, both in-house and as an agency recruiter. Before joining Royal Braun in 2019, she ran the West Coast office at Joe’s Blackbook; was a Talent Scout at Nike; and a Senior Merchant at Madewell. Adele has a deep understanding both of products and branding, and she approaches every client’s business as if it’s her own. Always outdoors, she loves adventure travel and magic.


    Royal Braun’s office is on the Sunset Strip

    End to End

    A sustainable activewear brand was poised for its next phase of growth after finding success with a two piece collection. It had a great product, and a loyal customer base eager to buy more. The brand needed new products designed, a creative team to elevate content and amplify communication, and a marketing team that could focus on brand and revenue growth. Royal Braun collaborated with all stakeholders on a complete organization and growth strategy, and recruited creative talent across the chart — from product design and merchandising to brand communications.


    A major global eCommerce brand wanted to establish itself as a place for customer inspiration and not just transaction. To catch up with the wave of changing consumer sourcing and shopping behaviors, the brand hired Royal Braun to help them configure and staff a content studio in downtown L.A. that immediately started elevating creative work across site, social and email. The engagement included business strategy, org chart mapping, and recruitment across the marketing arc – strategy, direction, production, and communication.


    An international entertainment studio sought to consolidate its global brand and creative services group, positioning its in-house agency as an L.A. hub, with spokes to global markets. To cut costs and anticipate the changing waves of consumer media consumption, the studio planned to add a social track to their in-house agency services, focusing on a more editorial approach. Royal Braun was hired to help stakeholders map the org strategy of this newly-formed unit, and recruit an Editor in Chief to lead the team.

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