Studio Director at Zappos (LA)


Zappos faces a unique challenge of being a mass shopping destination for millions of people, but not a brand that creates inspiration and shows up in our “feeds." 

To solve this challenge they envision a highly creative and strategically focused studio team based in Los Angeles that produces all visual creative across web, email, social, and brand.  

To get to the above solve (in the long term), they’ve decided to start with social creative and storytelling. They are looking to hire a group to create, test, learn, develop and create again on social channels. 

I’m helping them do this by starting with two hires. One being, a "studio director." 





-have 10+ years experience in most aspects of developing, making and delivering moving and still creative.


-have lead the creation of imagery and campaigns for a nationally recognizable brand on digital channels.


-have built and managed budgets and crews of ALL sizes. 


-can easily access, collaborate with, and lead a crew of highly creative and specialized makers - from producers to designers to photographers to motion artists and post-production pro’s. 


-relish the challenge of reviewing audience data and engagement insights and filtering them into the creative process.


-are inspired by technology and would would be excited to lead creative experiments utilizing new social tools, apps, widgets, gadgets, etc.


-are able to work quickly and see an idea through from conception to launch in a matter of hours not weeks.


-are willing to fight and pitch for an idea and/or strategy as part of a team. 


-are a skilled at working working with, and reporting into, executives that sit at different ends of the (non-creative) business spectrum.


-expertly identify interests, value differing points of view, and can build bridges. 


-have a keen eye towards business building and development by identifying short (and long) term goals that get knocked down and ladder up to something grand.


-want to dive into an infrastructuring project by leading the creation of a studio from a co-work bay to a (potentially) owned, fully-stocked brick and mortar.


-are comfortable operating within a very large company even though you’d be an outsider.


-have done scrappy and liked it. 


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