Brand Marketing Director at Girlfriend (Los Angeles) NOTES

Somebody who understands how to define a brand, understand an audience, and tell great brand stories that resonate with that audience, and draw more of that audience in.

  • Somebody who can effectively manage a team, including the creative team, and ensure we can do great work while staying lean and cost effective.

  • Somebody with a strong appreciation for and understanding of (1) Data, (2) How a marketing funnel works.

  • Somebody we feel confident can drive growth through the following at the least:

    • Social

      1. Engaging the social community (comments on our page, convos on other pages, dm's, etc)

        1. Developing content formats that grow our followers, grow our reach, and drive sales.

        2. Exploring content formats for other platforms we aren't on today.

        3. Promoting social shares

        4. Driven by content we create.

          1. Driven by purchases.

          2. Driven by

      2. Referral Traffic

      3. Press

        1. Continual press coverage + massively influential press coverage (NYT, etc)

          1. (This may or may not include affiliate relationships with press)

        2. Partnerships

        3. Execute a monthly on-brand partnership that lets us access other large audiences.

        4. Hero Executions

        5. What big things can our brand do

      4. Organic search

      5. Increasing our high conversion intent traffic from organic search (this is a tough one and we've sized the opportunity as small unless we want to consider content further up the funnel - which may be tough to win for).

      6. Direct Traffic

      7. Events, Pop Ups, etc

        1. Creative Hero Executions (Climate Change Documentary, etc)