Creative Lead at Buffy

Here is the opportunity to take the lead from two top agencies, and direct at a brand with reliable backing that appreciates the value of good, taste-making creative.

Do for the comforter market what Casper did for mattresses, but then take it a step further to create a holistic lifestyle brand that believes in reimagining consumer products as comfier and better for the world. To start out, Buffy sets out to prove there is an easy way to make a big bedding decision - one that is cruelty-free and saves over a 1000 gallons of water per unit. This is not another brand going after the “sleep” market. Buffy is about comfort. Conscious comfort.

The CEO of Buffy and his family have been in the comforter business for 20+ years making luxurious products for brands ranging from Ralph Lauren to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Production is integrated and can be executed with a great deal of precision. The goal with Buffy is to attack the millennial market giving them a luxury product at an affordable price point.


  • Are a creative visionary who understands execution

  • See the creativity in growing a business

  • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Are creative and analytical



  • You will build a team of creatives and lead with confidence

  • You will develop the systems and approaches for how the brand comes to life

  • You will orchestrate, nurture and inspire in the creation of a vision across varied executions (integrated campaigns, the digital flagship/web, experiential, etc)

  • You will ensure all creative efforts accurately represent business goals and maintain brand values

  • You will constantly explore opportunities to enhance, improve, and expand the brand



  • Be a story-teller who defines how the brand comes to life

  • Team building:

    • Short term, work with in-house senior designer and senior strategist, plus a team of creative freelancers

    • Long term, with an eye towards delivering top-notch brand creative, build and lead a larger full-time creative team

  • Join an experienced company with senior employees in-place across business development, growth marketing, operations and customer experience

  • Develop a brand’s story with a lead in by a few of the best design and creative agencies

  • Collaborate directly with the founders and participate in overall brand and business development decisions



  • You are equally skilled at concepting as executing

  • You have 8+ years of graphic design and art direction experience within agencies, or a mix of agency and brand experience

  • You have a portfolio showcasing not only advertising, but branding, live and content solutions

  • Your work demonstrates the ability to ideate and execute strategies to support business initiatives with a focus on brand development and consumer engagement



  • You possess a successful track record of tapping into the potential of creative teams to deliver work that is provocative and disruptive

  • You are an effective communicator and spirited leader; you inspire others to do their best work and are able to guide and persuade

  • You cultivate positive morale and address issues that dampen it

  • Your are able to recruit uncommon talent


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